Monday 1 February 2010

New! Ood Cast, Episood 3: Planet of the Dead...

It’s episode three of The Ood Cast and this week we’re talking about the first installment in the ‘He will knock 4 times’ saga that ends the Tenth Doctor’s life – the aptly named Planet of the Dead.

Flies in boiler suits, dodgy CGI, a wrecked double decker bus, Lara Croft and fires of iniquity all feature in our rambling review of the story. Allies are made, old enemies revealed and friendships tested – and that’s just during the podcast. The story itself is even more exciting.

Join us as we discuss cinematography, production logistics, morality, travel cards and Laura’s huge crush on David Tennant.

Next week: The Waters of Mars and one almighty bust up that threatens to destroy the Ood Cast.


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