Tuesday 23 February 2010

NEW! Ood Cast, Episood 6: The End of Time (part 2)

"Perhaps it’s time. This is only the furthest edge of the Time War. But at its heart, millions die every second. Lost in bloodlust and insanity. With Time itself then resurrecting them, to find new ways of dying, over and over again. We have become a travesty of life. Isn’t it better to end it? At last?”

The end of an era, the passing of a baton. Another man saunters off.

This week, the intrepid crew of the Ood Cast tackle the final episode of the Tenth Doctor’s reign.

We took advice from Tom Baker’s final words as the Doctor (“It is the end. But the moment has been prepared for”) and made sure we all had drinks and snacks to take our minds off the upsetting events that unfolded on the screen.

It was the end. And we had certainly prepared for it. So well, in fact, that we were able to record a podcast afterwards.

So, listen in to see which of us was teary-eyed, which was just a bit ticked off that he took so long to actually shuffle off his tenth mortal coil, and just how much of that last sentence I invented…

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Saturday 13 February 2010

New! Ood Cast, Episood 5: The End of Time (Part 1)

It is said that in the final days of Planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams...

To the west of the north of that world, the human race did gather in celebration of a pagan rite. To banish the cold and the dark.

Each and every one of those people had dreamt of the terrible things to come. But they forgot, because they must.

They forgot their nightmares, of fire, and war, and insanity.

They forgot. Except for four...

Legends tell that these four intrepid humans used their rememberances only for good. To guard against evil, protect against invasion.

But the legends are wrong.

They used it to record a podcast.

And this week, in Episood 5, we look at the End of Time (Part 1).

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Monday 8 February 2010

NEW! Episood 4: The Waters of Mars

Tap tap tap tap.

Tap tap tap tap.

Do you remember the old days of "Classic Who"? You know, the days when budgets were the size of your mum's weekly housekeeping allowance which meant that stories were claustrophobic and terrifying, even when the monsters occasionally seemed to be constructed from items you saw her making a cake with the week before?

No? Well, it doesn't matter... Not all of us do either. But we've seen a lot of it on VHS...

But Who and isolated bases on the surface of a foreign planet is a marriage made in heaven, right?

Download the newest episood to find out what happened after we watched The Waters of Mars in a darkened room, complete with a few glasses of liquid handy, which members of our happy band then refused to touch for considerable time afterwards.

Oh, and to find out what exactly caused an argument that might yet cause the premature end of the podcast...

And the others probably talked about High Definition, and CGI "rendering", resolution and other aspects of watching a lighty-up screen on the other side of the room that I don't understand.

Save your tissues though, because we've almost got to the final of the 5 death rattles Mssrs Tennant and Davies served up for our viewing pleasure. And those were where the real tear-jerking moments were... (well, that's what it said in the Radio Times...)

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Monday 1 February 2010

New! Ood Cast, Episood 3: Planet of the Dead...

It’s episode three of The Ood Cast and this week we’re talking about the first installment in the ‘He will knock 4 times’ saga that ends the Tenth Doctor’s life – the aptly named Planet of the Dead.

Flies in boiler suits, dodgy CGI, a wrecked double decker bus, Lara Croft and fires of iniquity all feature in our rambling review of the story. Allies are made, old enemies revealed and friendships tested – and that’s just during the podcast. The story itself is even more exciting.

Join us as we discuss cinematography, production logistics, morality, travel cards and Laura’s huge crush on David Tennant.

Next week: The Waters of Mars and one almighty bust up that threatens to destroy the Ood Cast.


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