Tuesday 26 January 2010

NEW! Ood Cast, Episood 2: The Next Doctor

A hearty, and slightly world-weary welcome to you.

Think back to Christmas Day 2008. The evening.

There you are – on the sofa – feeling a bit bloated because your nan insisted that you had that third helping of turkey and at least two goes at the Christmas pud. You’re becoming steadily more pickled as the afternoon draws on, and your eyes are feeling a bit heavy.

Then something lovely hits your screen. You hear some familiar music. You haven’t been paying attention to the first couple of minutes because you saw that a few weeks before on Children In Need night. But now you’re a bit more interested.

You start searching your mind for what it is like a brain surgeon wearing boxing gloves…

And then you see him. A skinny man with an unmistakable pin-stripe suit, spiky hair and glasses. You know what this is…

You yawn. Then your eyes start to flutter as you desperately try not to fall asleep. But you can’t combat such a force… Just before you do, you see a blurry thing that looks a little like a creature made from a milk bottle top and strips of crepe paper (a la early 1980s Blue Peter).

And the rest is darkness.

Wonder what you missed? Well, let us discuss it in your ear. For in this installment of the podcast, The Ood Cast Episode Two, we will be discussing The Next Doctor… because it started off the year of specials.

So come and join us.


We miss you when you don’t let us talk at you.

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