Monday 11 January 2010


We always intended to do this properly, you know. But we slipped. Lives are tricky things, and sometimes things happen that get in the way.

The short of this is that we're back. Oh, and how!

For starters, you'll need this link:

This is because we're going to finally get the podcast up and running.

The plan is simple, and is this:

Starting in the next couple of weeks, we'll start releasing a series of six episodes: 1 introduction, and then 5 more, covering each of the 2009 Specials that brought the David Tennant "era" to an end.

That will be every fortnight. And then, when the new series arrives, and Matt Smith begins to win everyone over (as we all know he will), we'll be there every week, sharing our thoughts with everyone who cares to listen.

So please keep an eye out, and then download!

Join us to find out what happens when you shove three Doctor Who devotees in the same room, just how sarcastic one geeky fool can get about the follies of modern Cybermen, and exactly how many wrongs can be done to a good joke.

This is going to be a blast. We haven't recorded anything yet, but I can feel it...

Come join us.

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