Monday 8 March 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future. Or the past. Or... what is this?

We have an announcement to make.

But before we do, we owe a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded the first series of the podcast. It was a blast to make, and it’s wonderful thinking that there are people out there enjoying it too. As a bit of a thank you, I thought I’d explain what’s happening with us at the moment.

You may have noticed that we had a break this week.

Don’t worry, that’s only because from this week, we’ll be back with the new, all-singing, all-dancing Series 2 of the Ood Cast!
Well, OK, less of the singing. And, well, dancing doesn’t really work that well on an audio podcast (to Andrew’s obvious surprise).

But, we are moving to a new site. It’s a bit sad to jettison this old home and move to a new one, but if you head on over to, you’ll find us all there, all the posts from this blog, plus all new stuff. And you’ll (sort of) see what we all look like.

Like someone’s first car, this blog has served us well, and is comfy – if a bit shabby nowadays. So we’ve spent ages poring over copies of Exchange and Mart, and chosen ourselves a new set of wheels. We’ve even got one with a radio. And cup holders.

And a go-faster stripe...

It does the same jobs and gets us from A – B, but looks, feels and, well, just is much nicer.

In short, there’s a lot happening. There will be a Facebook page. And we’ll be on Twitter...

I still don’t understand the point of Twitter. But you, know, the kids use it these days. And Uncle Stephen Fry is some kind of King on it, isn’t he? That can only be a force for good...

Well, whether I understand it or not isn’t anywhere near the point. If you are on either of those sites, come and find us and say hi – we’d love to see you!

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